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Viseon Leben - Campus & Academy

hub and network for inner development, lived sustainability and regeneration

We create Viseon Leben as a venue for co-creative encounter and regeneration. We consider health and education to be key to responseable behaviour.

A place dedicated to future generations.

"What enters into relationship may heal"
(T. Hübl)

Systemic medicine does not regard illness or symptoms as a disorder, but rather as an attempt to find a solution in the sense of an expression of interpersonal cooperation.
People and their problems are considered in broader contexts, in families and larger systems, and over several generations.
"Systemic medicine" withdraws from the need to recognize causal connections and instead focuses on the inherent potential of the patient to initiate healing changes.


International schedule for therapeutic groups and training with Stephan Hausner hosted by other institutes

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International Events

Workshops and Seminars in many countries all around the world. For a complete list of all international events go here.

Presence in Stillness

Extending the therapeutic relationship to deeper levels. Workshop with Mike Boxhall, 11. - 13. Mai 2017. Mehr ....