Mi 18.09.2019 - So 22.09.2019

„Our deepest humanity is our highest possibility“ (T.Hübl)

Orienting towards Transformation in Systemic Constellation Work

The Intention of this Training Workshop is to deepen our understanding of basic principles of Transformation-Oriented Systemic Constellation Work.

Being aware that Learning, Healing and Evolving is one basic motion, participants have the opportunity to present personal and professional issues and questions. We will adress them by using our basic tools: Systemic Thinking, Constellations and Transparent Communication in order to unfold the unused potential for our personal and professionel life.

In order to provide deep processes of learning please understand that this workshop is only for constellation facilitators and therapists with advanced experience in systemic constellation work.

Stephan Hausner

Healing Practitioner; education in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy and Osteopathy and various approaches in humanistic Psychotherapy is working since 1993 with Systemic Constellation Work, focusing mostly in Illness and Health.

Since more than 20 years leading International Workshops and Trainings in more than 45 countries on 5 continents
Author of: “Even if it Costs me my Life”. – Systemic Constellations as complementory solutions for illness and chronic symptoms.


650,00 € + 123,50 VAT = 773,50 € (organic vegetarian lunch and snacks included)


Praxis für Systemische Medizin und Psychosomatik, Unterberg 1, 83313 Siegsdorf, Germany


Wednesday 18th: 5pm – around 8 pm

Thursday 19th – Saturday 21st: 10am – around 7pm

Sunday 22nd: 10 am – 1pm


Please understand there is a waiting list now for future inscriptions and due to the high number of requests I am offering this event again in May 2020

You may apply for a place through the registration form on this website and sending the registration fee of 50,00 € either through banktransfer or paypal to office@stephan-hausner.de
Full payment is required then 30 days before the training workshop starts.

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation until 20 days before the start of the training workshop results in a refund of your tuition minus the booking fee of 50,00 €.
Cancellation within 20 days before the workshop starts will lead to full payment. A refund minus the booking fee is then only possible if your seat is taken from another participant.

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Praxis für Systemische Medizin, Siegsdorf
Unterberg 1
83313 Siegsdorf

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The Art of Facilitating – Annual International Systemic Constellation Learning Circle 2019